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About Rob Frankson



Ive got to admit that It always seems pretentious writing about yourself, but here goes.

Born in London within the sounds of Bo Bells which makes me a Cockney. Moved to Essex which makes me an Essex boy. Married a beautiful Essex girl and have been dancing with her around  a handbag for over thirty years . Moved to Kent and that made me a Kentish man and now we are in Suffolk which apparently makes me a Tractor Boy.

Love my family and friends and I seem to have a never ending creative well of schemes and adventures that keeps everyone amused, befuddled and exasperated.

On the Serious side my IT consultancy skills and knowledge are extensive and have kept me in business for a long time. My writing keeps me sane (mostly) and on occasion I have even been known to play a guitar or two.


But never ever ask me to cook, feed me or get me wet after midnight

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